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Artist | Student | Digital Art
South Africa
My Work :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: (abide by this or i'll do nasty things) :happybounce:
Well Hi, I'm Nakashi Oroshu, South African digital Artist and cosplayer ( and not necessarily in that order ) Lover of all things fantasy and medieval, and great big fan of Tolkien! :D
Welcome to my DA page!

If you like my Artwork, you can go like my page for regular updates, commission pricelists and take a peek at what im selling! :)…

And this is I on the book of face. feel free to add me:
facebook :!/…
And YOUTUBE: ( not that theres much there yet, but hey, theres a lone skyrim gameplay trailer if you want ahaha)…


Dragon Age. that is all.


Human Smaug by NakashiOroshu
Human Smaug

Photo by :…

HAHAH. YUS was happy to wear for the first time, my human design of smaug from the hobbit at rAge 2014 this year. SO GLAD it was a hit, and so many loved it, made me feel all warm and full of fuzzies. 
I am a HUGE fan of the well as dragons, and have always been a huge fan of smaug, but since my weakling of a human body cannot accommodate for his magnificence, one has to make changes. SO, I designed him in a human like fashion (which can be found in my art gallery)

THIS IS FOR TOLKIEN AND THE MOVIES MAKERS. Who brought his works to life ( whether you like it or not...They're fantastic)
Tolkien works have helped me in many special ways and so I dedicate this to him (even if it makes him turn in his grave) 

You wonderful man you.

"I am Fire.....I am....DEATH"
King under the mountain by NakashiOroshu
King under the mountain
My very own human smaug design. made and cosplayed by myself.

it has been MONTHS of hard work, over 300 scales hand cut, molded and glued as well as hand painted scales!


As apposed to a dragon like hybrid, I wanted to create something a little more in a 'human' type of form, and tada! this was born.
Thank you to Tolkien, for bringing us these magnificent stories. 

the fabulous photo was by… :DDancing Pumkin head 2 
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: The Piano Guys
  • Watching: My art process
  • Playing: SWTOR
  • Eating: Ghost chillies transferred through cheese
  • Drinking: Coffee

Haha anywho, it has indeed been a while since I last updated stuffs, SO ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN.

I've been pretty busy with all the arts, crafts, music and cosplay sort of things, not to mention being sick for a long a while so...I guess that could count as a reason? Eh

As mentioned in previous journal, I'm pretty much still working on my Human Smaug COSPLAY for rAge this year (Designed by yours truly) While things have been slow, I've very happy with the progress I have made so far. Below, you can see the breast plate, waist guard and pants I have managed to complete (yay!) It's now pretty much the cloak (which is quite like batmans...heheheh) the head guard, gauntlets and the scaled body suit underneath all of this, while it sounds like a lot, I'm quite glad I've made good progress on the complicated bits. 

Smaug 2 by NakashiOroshuUntitled-1 by NakashiOroshu

Waist Gaurd by NakashiOroshu

I still have two outfits I need to start and finish for October, One being a sith Warrior from SWTOR, with which I join an epic star wars cosplay group on the Sunday, and the other is Jon-locks character design of the social network 'Tumblr' Which I am very keen to do, and I would love to let her know as soon as I have completed it :D Her designs are truly beautiful.

On the ART side of things, I have been helping our local university with game development art this past week (which is an awesome experience considering it is something I wish to do in the future AND I feel special cause I'm the only non university level art student helping out xD Hey,  I can feel special If I want) the tower defense game we are developing is being created to rise Rhino poaching awareness and funds for our poor rhino's here in South africa ;-; So its for a good cause and I gain good experience from it.

for MUSIC, I'm just finishing up on a composition project which will be later performed and recorded this year, which I am rather excited for! I'm very proud of my first composition ( has no name yet) And I'm keen to make it available online once I have had it checked over by Musical genius' and etc. Cello players will have a field day...hahaha.

Otherwise, That's pretty much myself. Have a good day/night/afternoon/midnight or whatever time zone you're in hahah

over and out.

~ Kashi

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