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Artist | Student | Digital Art
South Africa
My Work :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: (abide by this or i'll do nasty things) :happybounce:

Well Hi, I'm Nakashi Oroshu, South African digital Artist and cosplayer ( and not necessarily in that order ) Lover of all things Batman, fantasy and medieval, and great big fan of Tolkien! :D
Welcome to my DA page!

If you like my Artwork, you can go like my page for regular updates, commission pricelists and take a peek at what im selling! :)…

And this is I on the book of face. feel free to add me:
facebook :!/…


Live long and Prosper
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  • Watching: Under the red hood
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  • Drinking: Coffee
SO FINALLY, Twelve years of prison complete, I am in the process of writing my final exams (and while it is a cause of stress) I am incredibly excited.  To end it off with a bang, I came first for visual arts practical in Matric, as well as winning a memorable art award for my work! ( our exhibition is next year, but alas, I won't be able to see my paintings for a while!). I also won an award for admirable initiative, which was a complete surprise, but a great joy nonetheless, I didn't think anyone cared xD

BUT  Finally, I can study what I've dreamed of doing my whole life.....and study I shall.

Next year, end of Jan, I'm off to Cape Town to study (I am SO incredibly excited as well as nervous) I was accepted into The Animation school. An absolute dream come true!. I submitted my portfolio and had a wonderful interview that only encouraged me further. Though I plan to focus on Conceptual art, character design, environment design etc.  Games and movies is really where my hearts at, creating whole new worlds with characters and personalities of their own is what I live for :D I'm just as interested in animation/costume design/ prop creations etc, but one has to start somewhere! I do plan to continue working on my concept art through online courses and critic from some fantastic artists ( I look up to you bro's seriously, it's an honor) I have gotten to know that have helped me with a few of my works already

I'm also so excited to meet up with all my friends once more in CT, already cosplay groups are being planned and I'm incredibly excited and blessed to be a part (and organizing) of some of them. I'm incredibly excited for this new chapter in my life. While it may be a big deal, moving away from home, I'm so excited to finally concentrate on the things I am good at.

I Also got the awesome chance to attend rAge Expo 2014, where I debuted my Human smaug cosplay and came THIRD in the Western pop culture category, WAS SO HAPPY. I did not imagine placing, but it was a thrill none the less. I also joined up with an epic batman villians group, though I was Jason Todd...the only hero (<--? Pre death, guys, pre death x'D) cause my poor batman was dying in his rubber suit and needed a break x'D. Got some epic photo's with equally epic people. 
...And do you now!? by NakashiOroshuCaptured robin by NakashiOroshu
Jason Todd by NakashiOroshu

Phew! ok I think I'm done, OH
I'm also selling prints of some of my work over at… <--- My facebook art page ^^ Commissions are closed for now as I am a bit backed up, and doing this between exams. 
Been working hard on my art recently, and 'm so excited with the improvements!

It's simple.....we...distract the batman? by NakashiOroshuMedieval fantasy Joker by NakashiOroshu

ANYWHO, NOW I am done :) Enjoy your day

Live long and prosper


Flying Grayson by NakashiOroshu
Flying Grayson

The amount of times I reworked the background is not even funny. Been experimenting with a different Style.

Through many repeats of batman evolution (piano guys) , and watching the animated series minimized next to it, and exactly 15 cups of coffee later...

IT LIVES..Sort of...I'll probably find all the mistakes later on..but for now..I'm happy. I wanted it to be open and 'free' looking..and thats difficult with Gotham 
But....purty clouds

Dick Grayson, YJ Robin Design :)

Some more Batman fanart to throw on the 'phase' pile x'D

Jason Todd - Punch by NakashiOroshu
Jason Todd - Punch
Jason Todd Under the red Hood design of his outfit 
(I love Jason...but there's no way I'm cosplaying those mini shorts and pixie boots x'D)

I'm absolutely in love with the Robins, and Already I'm working on Dick Grayson for  YJ group in CT next year for FCBD with other awesome folk :D something to help excite me while moving up there's going to be a big change
Batman... by NakashiOroshu
" your arms already? Aren't I a lucky girl.."

Been watching the animated series batman recently, going down memory lane, and getting to see all the old characters again. I was originally going to draw that version of batman and Poison Ivy...but then it turned into this..and well....


Medieval fantasy batman WIP by NakashiOroshu
Medieval fantasy batman WIP
Still in the process of fixing a few things, but otherwise it's coming out quite nicely.

I didn't give him heavy armor..cause..he's supposed to be the night...and how is he going to be the night if you can hear him clunking up to your doorstep. Mainly made up of hectic leather and a few bits of iron well as some enchanted stuff and all (courtesy of Alfred...cause He's going to be a slight wizard, and how else is batman going to have medieval fantasy versions of the fancy stuff like the modern versions? x'D) 

Pretty sure peeps would be ALOT more scared of him in that era. Specially linking to bats..then vampires and all. People be chucking crucifixes at him xD

Haha anyway, will work on formulating some more story for him

In the meantime you can have version 1 

Medieval Fantasy- Lord Bruce Wayne by NakashiOroshu
Medieval Fantasy- Lord Bruce Wayne
BEHOLD, the prince of Gothamshire (not really) Renowned in courts, and amongst the highest of Nobles.
The head of the house of Wayne. (not that there's much to be a head of...sorry Bruce..)

His parents  were murdered in a Bandit raid upon their return from an annual noblestic party. Bruce was then looked after by, of course, Alfred, the family servant and potions master. (cause how else could he heal Bruce so effectively in those ages? YOU'RE A WIZARD ALFRED.)

I wonder who shall be next.... :p

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